Quiz - What is your relationship to change?

Before you learn to handle or use change, know how you react to it!

Welcome to your What is your relationship to change?

This assessment is meant for you to understand your relationship to change. It will tell you if you are friends, acquaintances, lovers or ennemies with change. Depending on your relationship, you will receive an email with tools and the next step to grow into this relationship.

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When you think about change what is your reaction?
Your flight is being delayed for 2 hours. What do you do?
Your company has decided to reorganize itself and you are being assigned to a new department. How do you handle it?
1 out of 3
You go to your favorite restaurant and they don't have the dish you love. What is your reaction?
You had planned something fun (outing, party, trip) and it has to be cancelled. What is your physical reaction?
You met someone at an event and you have scheduled a first date. A few hours before the date they cancel, saying that something came up but they promise to reschedule. How do you respond?
2 out of 3
You have been working on a project for several months and your manager tells you they are going a different direction. What are you thinking?
After one of the scenarios above occur, how long does it take you to go back to a peaceful state?
In general, how long does it take you to see the "silver lining" of an unexpected change?
Have you ever looked for change in your life intentionally?
3 out of 3

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