1 On 1 Coaching with Sophie Michèle

Breakthrough Without The Breakdown

Change the inner limits of your mind to realize your full potential.

Helping You Find Success With Personalized Coaching

If you are not getting the results, you are not looking at the right problem. Is it time to have someone in your corner?

A friend will love you no matter what but may only give you what they think is right for you. A teacher will have a specific agenda they want you to reach. With a coach like Sophie Michèle, you get to be in the space of non-jugement and you get to already be the person you say you want to be. She will hold you accountable, she will push you beyond your comfort zones and she will refresh your mind so you can receive way more than you have been asking for!

How is coaching with Sophie different?

You will tap into something greater than your mind

Sophie will use all of her capacities to either give you information you may have not thought about or empower you with the tools to get the information you are seeking. 

You start with the end in mind

Life throws all kind of curveballs and it would be esy to want to be coached about your problems but in your sessions Sophie will always ask you to speak who you want to be not as who you think you are. 

You are being coached by someone with 15 years of experience and who keeps growing

Sophie Michèle is continuously expanding her vast knowledge of experience through training herself. She has managed small businesses, whole departments in Universities and Fortune 500 companies and has trained hundreds of people all over the world. She is aware of the lastest technologies and information available to reach your potential. 

How It Works

Schedule a First Date

Before we decide to work together we get to know each other, just like a first date. These 30 minutes sessions are for Sophie to know you better and for you to know Sophie better. You can also purchase a coaching plan without doing this. (We believe in love at first sight!)


Choose a Coaching Plan

Sophie offers one offs, small packages and a year long plan. Choose what would work for you best!

Reach Your Goals

Whether it is to double your income this year, have the relationship of your dreams or travel around the world, Sophie Michèle makes sure you get what you want out of the coaching program.  

1 year unlimited coaching

Access your coach as much as needed for a whole year of unlimited sessions!


Still Have Questions?