Sophie Michèle

Author. Speaker. Change Agent

Guiding you to use change to your advantage

Hi, I’m Sophie Michèle! I have been facilitating change for people for the last 15 years. Change is the only constant in life and I am here to guide you through it and use it to create something extraordinary!

My Story

I moved from France to the US in 1997 to follow my dreams of becoming a filmmaker. I attended one of the greatest film schools in the world: USC Scool of Cinema-Television. Right out of school, I was pulled into another world that fascinates me: Live Performance. I ended up managing large teams of 50+ people and budgets of millions of dollars. I quickly found out that to accomplish anything you need to learn (quickly) new skills, to adapt to circumstances, and more importantly, to speak up and lead. 

After 5 years in the entertainment industry I moved to the world of Luxury (Rolex USA), then finance (American Funds), to finish in higher education (UNCSA and USC School of Engineering). In each position I was given more responsibility within months because people trusted me. I have transformed workflows, implemented new systems and helped large teams move through transitions. 

In the last 7 years I took my expertise in leadership and innovation and have taught workshops throughout the world. I have built an international business through the use of social media and video conferencing. 

I have lots of free resources available, especially in this time period of COVID-19.  

My Values & Beliefs

Know who you are

I believe in the power of our true identity. Once we know who we are, the challenges that we are faced with become steps in our journey instead of problems.

Trust yourself above every body else

You have all the information you need within yourself to live the life you desire. I will often give information to my clients but I will first establish their guidance system so that they know what works for them. 

Your role in the community

Whether you want to change your jobs, launch a business or meet your soul mate we will always include what you are creating in your life in the context of your family, your community or even every one else on the planet. We are not alone and that’s a good thing!

My Approach

When I work with a client I first look at who they say they are. Who we are and what we do are two different things and it is important to differentiate the two. 

We then move on to the beliefs they have. I don’t have a problem with religious or spiritual beliefs (I am of the Christian faith myself) but there are other beliefs that we maintain that don’t serve us: whether we are good or not at certain things, or whether we deserve a certain level of success or not. This step can take a while to uncover so I teach my clients how to do the work themselves and we can process their findings during our sessions. 

Next we look at the overall vision they have for their life and for each part of their life. We look at why it is important for them to have this vision. 

Finally, we establish strategies that allow these visions to come to reality. 

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Start Forging Your Own Path Today!